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psych - folk - prog - kosmische und outsider musik

Live October to May shows to be announced soon

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the best albums of 2016

  1. The Memory Band: A Fair Field
  2. The Honey Pot: Ascending Scales
  3. Our Solar System: In Time
  4. Alasdair Roberts & James Green: Plaint Of Lapwing
  5. Icarus Peel: Forget Me Not Pussy Willow
  6. Lords Of Thyme: Pellets
  7. Soft Hearted Scientists: Golden Omens
  8. Exedra: Elemental
  9. Shirley Collins: Lodestar
  10. Trappist Afterland: God’s Good Earth
  11. Sula Bassana: Shipwrecked
  12. Sendelica: I’ll Walk With The Stars For You
  13. The Chemistry Set: The Endless More And More
  14. E Gone: Advice To Hill Walkers
  15. Sumner: That Ladybird Summer
  16. Laurie Shaw: Felted Fruit
  17. Mystic Braves: Days Of Yesteryears
  18. Blackberries: Greenwich Man Time
  19. The Luck Of Eden Hall: The Acceleration Of Time
  20. The Hardy Tree: Through Passages Of Time

the best albums of 2015

  1. Sendelica: Anima Mundi
  2. Me And My Kites: Is It Real Or Is It Made?
  3. Trappist Afterland: Afterlander
  4. Agusa: Tva
  5. Tir Na Nog: The Dark Dance
  6. Pretty Things: Are Now in Bed Of Course
  7. Takis Barbagalas: Phosphorus/Hesperus
  8. Crystal Thoughts (introducing Nikolai Vilhelm Tell): Inside The Temple
  9. Electric Moon: Theory Of Mind
  10. Beautify Junkyards: The Beast Shouted Love
  11. Thee Holy Strangers: Thee Holy Strangers
  12. Hoofoot: Hoofoot
  13. Hills: Frid
  14. Espen Eriksen Trio: Never Ending January
  15. Time Moth Eye: Grave Needs
  16. Jack Ellister: Tune Up Your Ministers...
  17. Cranium Pie: Mechanisms Part 2
  18. Us and Them: Summer Green And Autumn Brown
  19. Astral Son: Silver Moon
  20. Crystal Jacqueline: Rainflower
  21. Bevis Frond: Example 22
  22. Minami Deutsch: Minami Deutsch
  23. Will Z.: New Start
  24. Schizo Fun Addict/The Bordellos: Kassette
  25. Ciccada: The Finest Of Miracles

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